“Gun” is a practical and unusual accessory to be used as desk pen holder.
It consists of two cylindrical elements rotating  between them, where fit grooves drawn by that inside, allow the lodging of pens and pencils.
In an outer cylinder a special opening guarantees the removal of the pen while its rotation allows the choice of it.
The object in its whole, recalls the mechanism of a revolver, from which it comes down its name.
Available in white ceramic, or with the base in Maple wood.
The inner container (inner hole) can hold small items such as markers, or pencils and scissors
the inner container (grooves) can contain up to 14 pens.

How to use “GUN”

1 Insert the pen into the slot.

2 Rotate the base until the next “compartment”.

3 Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the “GUN” is full; then turning ninety degrees… good writing!

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